Street Smart Swing Teaching Intro Course

In the course, student will be introduced to my methods of “how to” regarding teaching all things lindy hop. This course will include how to teach the beginner lindy hop less along with “what to teach after that beginner lesson.”
Module 1 Core Philosophy’s and practical executions
Unit 1 Why you must empower the students
Unit 2 Teaching the fundamentals and beyond
Unit 3 Lindy hop 1 teaching session
Unit 4 Circle up recap
Unit 5 What we teach after the first class and why
Unit 6 2nd class introduction of roles and energy changes



Lindy Hop for Teachers: Overcoming classroom challenges

In this course, teachers will learn how to use teaching personality properly, work as one unit with your teaching partner and how to properly answer questions.
Module 1 How to maximize your personality
Unit 1 How to function in your core strength
Unit 2 Using fear the wrong way
Unit 3 Analyzing your personality
Module 2 Working as one unit with your teaching partner
Unit 1 The power of communication
Unit 2 Lindy hop lesson observation
Unit 3 The echo affect
Unit 4 The 4 types of knowledge
Unit 5 Learning how to answer questions the right way



Lindy Hop for Teachers: How to succeed being a professional Lindy Hopper pt. 1

In this course, students will learn practical strategies to become a professional swing dancing teacher. Modules will provide specifics on the following: How to make a name for yourself, social media engagement, maintaining a competitive edge and more.
Module 1 How to get started right
Unit 1 Prep talk
Unit 2 Strategy and Philosophy: Website, Contract and the Details
Unit 3 Contract Template for Lindy Hop Teachers
Module 2 Once your hired now what?
Unit 1 Preparing for the event: How to stand out from the competition
Unit 2 Using the internet the right way
Unit 3 Who to include in your social media network
Module 3 Politics and beyond
Unit 1 Avoiding the glass ceiling


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Don’t forget the school membership includes access to the Creative Lindy Hop moves Archive, All lindy hop courses no matter what the level, and access to the other Teacher Training Courses.


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Lindy hop moves by Jamin Jackson can be collected here at Street Smart Swing. Students are encouraged to utilize the techniques discovered with the classic lindy hop moves course to better help their creative input. The essence of lindy hop is preserved when a dancers understands the balancing act need to add classic lindy hop moves with new lindy hop moves. Jamin Jackson and his team strongly encourage students to take advantage of this course to empower them throughout their journey mastering classic lindy hop movement.