Jamin Jackson is a professional dancer, entrepreneur and coach. He is the founder of Street Smart Swing and has empowered dancers for over 26 years globally. He is known for his focus on principles, a positive charismatic style, and his ability to help people cultivate a positive mental attitude in their personal development as human beings.





He has over 18,000 hours of experience in the styles of Lindy Hop, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Jazz. Jamin has helped build and strengthen Lindy Hop communities in Spain, England, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Greece, Canada and many other new communities throughout the heartland of the United States.



He believes the world has yet to see the biggest days for Lindy Hop and continues his commitment to systematically expose and grow the dance in new territories around the globe. His shared passion for Lindy Hop like many others continually, drives him to spread the dance to those waiting for the joy that it brings. Watch Jamin’s improvised lindy hop demo in Dresden Germany!