This weekend many Tulsa natives flock downtown to attend the annual May fest arts event. The smell of corndogs, popcorn and funnel cakes rises during the afternoon seeping into the office building windows throughout the workday – tempting employees to consume all the guilt ridden delicacies, during the evening hours. It’s impossible to resist. Why not venture down to 3rd and Main throughout the weekend to experience one of the simplest ways to shed those unwanted calories. Vintage Swing Movement will host swing dancing in the early evenings and afternoon throughout the weekend. Multi generational music from the golden era of America will be echoing on the streets for all those pedestrians beckoning you to join the fun.  I certainly will enjoy every bit of my funnel cake knowing it will be burned away with a smile on my face all because of the infections melodies and energizing dance of lindy hop.  Will we see you there?

Jamin Jackson


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