This looks awesome! I have yet to take a class from the great Lennart Westerlund and I here nothing but amazing things from master dancers who’ve had that opportunity. Hopefully this year at Herring Dance Camp I’ll be able to take his class. If you are near this event, I would encourage you to visit deca dance 2016! Check out there information here.

Welcome to the 2016 edition of the decaDance Swing Festival! This year’s decaDance revolves around the Big Apple, one of the most famous vernacular jazz routines, choreographed by Mr. Frankie Manning himself! And who could bring this New York based 1937 dance craze to life better than: Rhythm Hot Shots Member Lennart Westerlund, Basie Brothers member Anders Sihlberg and Marie N’diaye and Alexandra Alhimovich, both leading dancers of the renowned Chicago Chorus Line.



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