A perfect world is where you would have a huge budget to find new customers and leads, and increase sales. But in reality, most small businesses don’t have access to the necessary resources.

Does that mean they leave out the most essential component of “lead generation” from their marketing plan?

Hundreds of online marketers have been successfully amassing free leads online using targeted strategic methods. On the other hand, there are others who fail to reap the benefits offered by the Web.

The reason for this is simple.

Lead generation is one of the most misunderstood concepts that leaves many marketers scratching their heads wondering where they’ve gone wrong.

Get this right: Lead generation is not about how many leads you have: it’s about who they are. Fewer, better leads trump lower quality leads every time.

There are numerous methods of amassing free leads online. Most people in most niches, in many ways, can easily enough produce 1,000 free leads online in a short time.

But the best ones are qualified leads – people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Attracting such targeted traffic, for marketing purposes, and making them want “what you have to offer” is a whole different ball-game.

There are many different ways of generating free leads online, and I’ve tried several of the methods, during my time here: free and paid.



We’ll be discussing the way to generate free leads online here, not just free but targeted leads, thus improving lead quality. We want to stay away from wasting time on large quantities of non-converting leads.

free leads online

In my opinion, however you look at it and whatever you do, all the successful methods, from which people genuinely generated targeted leads, and earned from them, really boils down to one inescapable essential.

Giving away something of value.  

This can be anything from an entire blog filled with excellent information not found anywhere else, a newsletter or email offering tips and answers to questions people are looking for, a report or an eBook that helps them immensely and leaves them craving for more.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular methods of generating free leads online that continue to show excellent results even in today’s every-changing and highly competitive online environment.


Who would have thought that a simple blog can lead your business to success? In 2013, blogging ranked first as the best form of inbound traffic. A couple of years ago, it was SEO that ranked high. This could be because SEO today – in the world of the Pandas and Penguins, is basically all about blogging and creating fresh, unique content. Blogging and SEO are interlinked.

So it all boils down to good content. People pontificate about content, saying “good content” cannot be defined. I don’t agree with that line of thought. Good content is nothing but content that other bloggers/webmasters in your niche want to share with their own visitors and subscribers. Good content is valuable information that your visitors share with their friends.

When we say blogging, we mean your own content websites and blogs, as well as “guest posts” on other relevant sites.

All you have to do is create a form asking your visitor’s email address and place it on your blog. Follow up with an auto-responder. As you can see on my blog there are several ways in which my page asks for email addresses and when a person joins my email subscriber list they will receive valuable information that will help them in their business. Its a win-win for everybody because the subscriber receives great and useful content for free that will benefit them and I receive the benefit of hopefully building a strong relationship with that person over time where they may buy from me, join me in my business, recommend me to others or joint venture with me in the future.

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