How do you get children interested in swing dancing?


Below is an excerpt from an interview I had with Swedish magazine

1. Hum songs to them when they are babies.

2. Cultivate their ears for higher quality music, as they get older.

“Play swing music casually around the house to identity what kinds of emotional sounds your kids lean toward. My son for instance likes lower sounds such as the cello, a base, or a saxophone. I figured that out within a few months of him being born as he would hum certain songs and complete ignore others as I played them.” Jamin Jackson

3. Create good memories echoed by swing music in the background.

“I started my professional swing dance training a month before my daughter was born. It seems like such a long time ago and yet so recent. And of course, they both can lead and follow.” Jamin Jackson

My little one at 2 years old!

My little one at 7!