There is a big difference between marketing online and advertising online.  As artists in business we need to understand the difference.  We all know what an ad is, and we all know what makes us cringe when we see it online.

Advertising is blatant and a turn off to networking professionals, and would be entrepreneurial professionals when it is used anywhere but in a classified advertising or regular advertising area.

Have you ever gone to someone’s facebook timeline and it is filled with nothing but status updates about their business?

Join me on “this” opportunity call! Be one of the next 3 people I’m going to “help” become a millionaire! And so on and so on and strangle me please!

Do you know what many people are thinking when they see this? They are thinking – “Ew, if I join this “thing”, I’m going to have to trash my wall and my friend’s newsfeed with nothing but advertising!

Not the best way to promote being a successful artist in business, now is it?

Some people confuse groups, pages and discussion (online) forums with advertising forums. I have built a solid business online through facebook groups, pages and these online discussion forums. I interact with people on these pages regularly but I never advertise my businesses there. It’s because I don’t advertise that I attract people to my site.

I “market” in online forums by providing value. I may answer a question someone has about some aspect of the business. I often offer training tips and ideas. And, I always use a signature line that contains a link to my personal website. 

Or, in the case of facebook, make sure you create a profile that really “sells” you without being “in your face sales!” I’ll detail this later.

Over time, people come to my site, sign up for my newsletter and a certain number will do business with me. It’s just another way of getting to know people. I just do it online. I get to know people in cyberspace.

Look around the internet at some forums and you’ll quickly see what I mean. Notice the ones that are nothing more than advertising. Does that appeal to you? Would you click to know more?

Market, don’t advertise. You’ll generate much better results.  I promise.

Have a stress free day!

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