Boom! Back home and still absorbing the shock wave of excitement leftover from the epicenter of Kansas City Missouri!  Hello midwest, meet Kansas City Stomp!  There is a special melting pot of hungry dancers in the middle of the country.  New scenes are popping up left and right by excited dancers wanting to experience the joy of lindy hop in their local community.  This event is special, and reminds me of the great things that can be accomplished when people do their best with what they have.


This event had a phenomenal band that played on Saturday night called “Vine street Rumble.”  They were tight and in the pocket the entire evening.  Dancers from Des Moines all the way down to the Dallas/Fort Worth scenes packed the floor.   The band even had a great following of their own that watched in amazement as the dancers packed the floor.


The Jack and Jill contest was exciting and unpredictable.  Big shout out to the winners from Tulsa and Denver!  You know who you are.  Surprisingly, there were even non dancers that I met promoting dance in Tulsa, who came to the event just to see us dance.  How crazy, but it was unexpected and great to see so many non dancers who attended because of the band.


The jam broke out and the energy in the room peaked.


The venue had a great wood floor with just plenty of space for everyone to swing out comfortably.



In most cases people make events special, and I can’t say enough about the great culture this event cultivated by providing ample amounts of time for dancers to get to know one another.  It’s not really hard to do that at events that have less than 300 people, but it’s special to see all the friendliness.


One thing that could make this event even better next year would be slower tempos by the band.  I can usually go 3 songs straight swinging out 190 bpm, but most are not that ambitions.  Many people tried to keep up, but had trouble.  Adjusting the tempos for the songs would only add to the quality of this event next time.


Well, I’ll be back with more people from T-Town with me.  Who’s comin’ to KC in September for their next event?!!  Great job to all the organizers and volunteers for a stellar grand opening and memorable experience created with KC Stomp!


I rate this event…….4.5 out of 5 shoes

Jamin Jackson