Wow, what an overload of joy it is to share Lindy Hop with the world.  Frequently, I’m  surprised by how rapidly scenes are growing all over the world.  Being only 5 hours away from Tulsa, Dallas is another thriving lindy hop community with a solid weekly dance, great live music, and a ton of new and excited dancers.  Recently they’ve  broken a new record with over 300 attendees at their weekly dance at the Sons of Herman Hall!!  Something is cooking in the Midwest and I’m excited to live in the middle of it all.  The Lindy Hop Body Shop adds to this excitement by providing a safe event for new people to attend, excellent local bands, and a great historic venue.


It’s very rare for me to attend an event and enjoy teaching class as much as social dancing.  Social dancing is the crowing pinnacle for me.  However, I found myself being startled by how determined and focused many of the students were for the class sessions at Lindy Hop Body Shop.   The scene is being flooded with more and more people I’m starting to meet for the first time. I’m encouraged to know Lindy Hop is on an upswing in the region.  During the weekend dances I observed that most of those in attendance varied in age, and skill level.  Seeing parents dancing with children, grandparents sharing the floor with their grandchildren made this event feel like a family reunion.  I even had some awesome dances with my 3 year old close to the stage and no one had a second thought.  Well, and her having an awesome little swing out adds to it I must say.


The music for the event added an authentically vintage mystique to the atmosphere during the dances.  The main leader of the band sang songs on an old microphone that had a vintage design and projected a scratchy distortion effect, causing the  music to sound as if it were a record player amplified.   You had to be there.  They played songs from the turn of the century, various charleston tunes, ballads, and most importantly heavy hitting swing classics and deep cuts.  This all added an extra tone to the overall feel of the event, leading me to the next stand out feature of the Lindy Hop Body Shop.  The venue.

The venue was held at the historic “Son’s of Hermans Hall” close to one of my favorite districts in Dallas.  The “Sons” dance floor felt open and spacious, yet created a “back in time” feeling with it’s low lit elevated stage, and it’s aged wood floor.  It is a great spot to dance for a lindy Hop event.  All the classes were also at this venue but felt very different because of the lighting during the daytime.

This is definitely an event that one should attend who lives 4-6 hours away in the region.  Great classes catered to the  dancers levels, fantastic music, and an awesome venue.  One thing that could make this event even better in the future, will be to extend the evening dance hours as the attendance increases.  I’m excited to have been able to attend this event, and can’t wait to return to the region soon!  Thank you Jerry and Elaine for all your consistent work and commitment in your local scene.

I rate this event…… 4.7-5.0


Jamin Jackson