It has been an interesting season in professional lindy hop. It seems as if there is a new generation of partnerships blossoming in this post partnership era. Dancers are becoming more recognized for artistic uniqueness along with their partnership flexibilities. It takes so much more today as a lindy hopper to leave a lasting mark on the minds of onlookers. Yes we may watch a video and like it in our news feeds, but are we really moved?  This video below shines light on the diverse talents and flexibilities of Felix Berghäll and Egle Regelskis. Getting into the lindy hop game professionally is not as challenging as it used to be, obviously because of the internet, but easy access and rubbling elbows with the right people doesn’t mean talent. In fact, it’s very difficult to stand out amongst the clutter if you don’t have real talent theses days, no matter who has been granted “cool” status.  We all know real talent when we see it. Though every season has new leaders who inspire the masses, it’s common to reject fresh ideas during times of artistic transition. New takes time to get used to, but these two really should gain more of your attention – at least I think so. Besides their obvious discipline and work ethic, something about them is authenticity real, and let’s hope they continue to refreshen the scene together more often than not.  Check out this recently performed jazz routine below. Make sure to let them know what you liked!


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