School Transition

I have no other way of saying this than just saying it. Within the next few weeks I'm going to transition my school from the Word Press to a Youtube channel. It's been extremely stressful the last few weeks constantly having to...

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Teachers Performance at DJam 2017

Jumping’ at the Woodside never gets old! Every time I watch a group of dancers perform the California routine or a more original choreography to the tune, it’s still surprising.

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Lindy Hop Radar | Thomas and Sara

Don’t be fooled, there are levels of swing dancing that deserve extra attention. It’s one thing to choreograph a performance wowing an audience with preplanned moments of excitement.

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Lindy Hop Radar | Brooks Prumo

Every once in a while dancers who have been around the lindy hop circuit for sometime recapture my attention. It’s impressive to see mature dancers continuing to sharpen their lindy hop skills over a long period of time.

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How to succeed as a professional lindy hopper pt. 2

Succeeding as a professional lindy hopper is an art in itself. There are many details  that go into the process of becoming a successful Lindy Hop instructor on a professional level. Most aspiring professional lindy hoppers can avoid many unnecessary entanglements by...

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Dresden Germany interview with Jamin and Sonia

Every so often an interviewer ask to sit and chat. Here is one of those moments captured in Dresden Germany at the Plenty Hot swing dance event.                ...

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Teaching Lindy with simplicity

  [supsystic-social-sharing id='1'] Tired of struggling to teach lindy hop effectively? How often do you stop yourself in the middle of a thought and ask, “would a kid understand this intellectual madness?!” If you haven’t than you should. Teaching lindy hop can...

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Lindy Hop Heroes

Alright you lindy hop nerds! Here is volume 2 of my lindy hop heroes match up. Hope you get a good laugh. Who would you add to the list as defenders of swing dance against intergalactic tyranny?

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Intermediate Lindy Hop Courses by Jamin Jackson

Intermediate Lindy Hop Classes   • Lindy Hop 8 count movement mastery  In this course, students will began strengthening the fundamental tools while learning to move in rhythm as one body across the floor. They will be introduced to popular vintage lindy hop...

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