Teachers Performance at DJam 2017

Jumping’ at the Woodside never gets old! Every time I watch a group of dancers perform the California routine or a more original choreography to the tune, it’s still surprising.

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Lindy Hop Radar | Thomas and Sara

Don’t be fooled, there are levels of swing dancing that deserve extra attention. It’s one thing to choreograph a performance wowing an audience with preplanned moments of excitement.

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Lindy Hop Radar | Brooks Prumo

Every once in a while dancers who have been around the lindy hop circuit for sometime recapture my attention. It’s impressive to see mature dancers continuing to sharpen their lindy hop skills over a long period of time.

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How to succeed as a professional lindy hopper pt. 2

Succeeding as a professional lindy hopper is an art in itself. There are many details  that go into the process of becoming a successful Lindy Hop instructor on a professional level. Most aspiring professional lindy hoppers can avoid many unnecessary entanglements by...

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Dresden Germany interview with Jamin and Sonia

Every so often an interviewer ask to sit and chat. Here is one of those moments captured in Dresden Germany at the Plenty Hot swing dance event.   https://www.facebook.com/PlentyHot/videos/956940891106678/                ...

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Teaching Lindy with simplicity

  [supsystic-social-sharing id='1'] Tired of struggling to teach lindy hop effectively? How often do you stop yourself in the middle of a thought and ask, “would a kid understand this intellectual madness?!” If you haven’t than you should. Teaching lindy hop can...

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Lindy Hop Heroes

Alright you lindy hop nerds! Here is volume 2 of my lindy hop heroes match up. Hope you get a good laugh. Who would you add to the list as defenders of swing dance against intergalactic tyranny?

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Intermediate Lindy Hop Courses by Jamin Jackson

Intermediate Lindy Hop Classes   • Lindy Hop 8 count movement mastery  In this course, students will began strengthening the fundamental tools while learning to move in rhythm as one body across the floor. They will be introduced to popular vintage lindy hop...

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Lindy Hop Teacher Training Courses

Street Smart Swing Teaching Intro Course In the course, student will be introduced to my methods of "how to" regarding teaching all things lindy hop. This course will include how to teach the beginner lindy hop less along with "what to teach after that beginner...

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How to succeed as a pro lindy hopper pt. 1

The devil's in the details. Many of you have asked me about the details of being a successful traveling lindy hop teacher. So, I've made available the first part of the course: How to succeed being a professional lindy hopper pt. 1 The key word is being "successful."...

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What others around the world are saying!

Of the countless dancers, choreographers and choreo instructors I’ve worked with over 2 decades, one single person occupies the “best” slot in all three categories, Jamin Jackson. His penchant for detailed performance coupled with an uncanny ability to explain and teach intricate ideas sets him apart from the masses. His style at this point in his career is to taste a well-seasoned serving of gourmet art in motion, sprinkled through with trace flavors of Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire and Frankie Manning, blended into an exciting new kind of artistic sustenance which results in the lingering taste of past, present and future.

Tim Long

Harold Arlen Award winner, LoJoWerkz Productions

Ok guys, I am going to put a damn good advertisement here  Jamin is one of the most inspirational dancers, teachers and a persons from the swing community I ever met. A person I would like to support, for everything I got and learned from him, …and that’s a lot!! 

We met just a few times in last years, but since the very first meeting, he left a big, positive impact on me, which grows up till nowadays and still can surprise me a lot. He’s one of my favorites, a person who’s adventures, trips, blogs and all that stuff he’s doing I am following on my daily basis.

As a teacher he keeps solid foundations and can bring any complex movements to simple things. He’s clear about the leader and follower roles and importance of partnership in a dance. Classes with him were always good paced, challenging and fun. One of his top skills for me was an ability to create a good environment for a learning and cooperating with others, having a warm and friendly atmosphere between all dancers. And his advices concerning practise – are priceless and super effective 

As a social dancer, he’s one of the people that had to be evacuated from the dance floor, otherwise he wouldn’t stop dancing,… like seriously, never seen him tired. A hardcore dancer who were always treating and complimenting his partners nicely and danced with e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. I hardly remember him complaining about music/floor/anything which would make him not dancing with beginners out there. Also, I love his creativity and spontaneity, humorous way of dancing and use of all possible skills for his playfulness. Just look up for the videos on the youtube 

As a person, he’s a great role model, a kind warm-hearted energetic guy, who always seems positive and can motivate people in an instant. Strongly focused on helping small scenes around the world with growing up. He was always there for volunteers and he was putting a lot of effort to help beginners feel more comfortable on the dancefloor. And that’s another reason why I feel him being special, great person.

If you missed a chance to have a class with him (as he’s stopped traveling for now), and you will be interested in his way and methods of teaching/practicing/building scene, then it may be the best choice. – or if you have no time to travel around the events but you have the possibility to practice at your homebase, online course may be a great revelation for you as well. I am recommending to try out his school.

Bartosz Pryzbylski

Lindy Hopper from Poland

The greatest thing about the way he teaches is that it is designed for you to look through the move and into the technique, so that it produces ideas for dancing. He politely dares you to see yourself as a creator. Thank you for everything you have meant to the dance, but most importantly thanks for always being about people.

Dan Moore

Lindy Hopper from Dallas Texas

The energy, passion and love of this dance has been such a calling for you and an extraordinary gift to the swing community and will continue to be! Thank you for always giving! So glad your contribution will continues through Street Smart Swing!

Vernon Andrews

Lindy Hopper from Tulsa Oklahoma

When I met you at Rockin’ In Rhythm in Singapore, I was struck by how sincere, gentle and kind a person u are. Your classes are chock full of steps, energy and history and evolution of Lindy Hop as well as how the moves we do translate in Hip Hop and other styles thru’ the ages. Thank you for your sincerity, your generosity in imparting your skills and knowledge.

Pauline Leong

Lindy Hopper from Singapore

Jamin Jackson is the premier voice on lindy hop in the of swing dance. Lindy hop moves in his archive are original and updated each month for the benefit of the students. New lindy hop moves by Jamin Jackson are designed for those capable of handling advanced swing dancing moves classic lindy hop moves or lindy hop moves for the modern generation of swing dancers.