There is really a simple 3 step process to the whole
“marketing yourself as an artist online” piece.

1. Create content

2. Lead Capture

3. Market


I want to break this down just a little more and then
the most important thing for YOU to remember is that
THIS is what your daily strategy is going to consist of.


1. Create content


This is simply creating content that goes out on the
Internet and works for you, over and over again.

It can be a blog post, article submitted to article
sites; Video on YouTube or other video sites,
including uploading to Facebook. It can be a podcast;
guest post on another blogging site, etc.


It can also be sharing content on your blog that you
did not create. An example of this would be –

Sharing a Tony Robbins video on your blog, using the
embed code from Youtube and then commenting on
what value you got from it. You would use good key
words on the Title of the blog post, the description
and in the body of the article.
There is tons of content out there you can use and share.

Here are some examples –




Jim Rohn

Les Brown

Deepak Chopra

TED Talks

and the list goes on. What appeals to YOU?

Articles by the same people, giving proper
credit of course.


Current events –

Facebook updates

Google and SEO updates

Retirement Articles from MONEY magazine
and others

Olympics and World Class Athletes
Anything that is timely, relevant and that
you can relate back through stories
and analogies that fit our business

I hope you get the picture.


Now, you want to be sure that ALL
of your content is not by someone else.

You want a blend of your voice, and other
relevant content.


2. Lead Capture


This is pretty self explanatory. When you bring them
back to your blog, you have the ability to capture their
information right there on the site.

Then, you must begin to MARKET to that list and
build on that relationship.


3. Market


These are the steps YOU take to promote your


Here are a few primary ways you do this; you’ll
learn more over time –

1. Email your list. Include Stories, links back to
your blog posts, and educational stuff and always
include the link where they can join you in your
business. I email my leads at least 4 times a
week. It builds the relationship.

2. Social Media – create strong, interesting profiles
and “About Me” sections on each profile (Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, for starters) and then
share content and status updates out there.

Share your own blog content, content of others that
is relevant, and engage with people by commenting on
what they share. I have a daily, weekly and monthly
strategy of re-sharing and re-tweeting old, but
still relevant blog posts, YouTube videos and such.

If you follow me on FacebookLinkedIn,
 or Twitter, you can see what I do.
And, that is the best way to learn and get ideas.

I don’t know all there is, but I do generate leads
every day, so I know what I do works.

Learn each platform as they ALL operate differently.

3. Solo Ads and Media Buys – paid advertising is a
great way to bring people back to your business

4. Comment on the blogs of others. This most often
provides a link back to your most current blog post.
Make sure you are commenting in an interesting
and engaging way.


Okay, so are you starting to see how a daily plan
can unfold for you? This 3 step process IS my
daily strategy.

You can do it!


Jamin Jackson

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