my top 5 favorite performances that should have won.

It’s rare to witness a competition showdown of talented lindy hop artist and escape the room unscathed – especially if you are judging. It’s easy to shape public thought in that position – and like many others, I often loathe the process of having to select winners on something mostly subjective.

But we all know, the best judge is our own bias about what we value in art. In the excitement and trends of the moment we often glaze over the vestiges of future inspiration sprinkled by the unpopular artist of the now. These bold people continue painting works of art in the shadows. But here is the deal, their work cannot be ignored, and for me these are the kinds of performances I crave to watch when I’m artistically dehydrated.

Their potent influence yields a bigger impact as time passes. Time does have a way of demystifying the fog of popularity, leveling the playing field – but not always.  So heres my opinion just incase you never here about these Lindy Hop performances lost in the clutter.  Below are my Top 5 favorite performances, that in my opinion should have won more than a number or trophy….they should win your attention to study. Much respect to the bold artist on this list. Enjoy!


My top 5 favorite lindy hop performances that should have won



#5 Zack and Annie