Nicolas and Pamela 4


Take a look at this 3 and half minute performance at Happy Stomp and take notes. Nicolas and Pamela were constantly engaging during their debut to the tune of “Roll ’em Pete” by Count Basie and Joe Williams, traveling to cover the entire length of the dance floor. They integrated enough footwork variations throughout to make you dizzy, but several that caught my eye and are easier to pinpoint are the slides and one legged shenanigans. Nicolas does a few quick slides at 0:27 and Pamela throws in several longer ones at 1:45. As for their hopping-on-one-foot antics, all throughout you’ll see Nicolas shift onto one foot, but most notably at 2:38. See what a slide or a hop can add to your next social dance experience, and you never know, you might end up creating something new!

Happy Stomp is held in Granada, Spain and hosted by Producciones 1920. This year the festival welcomed dancers to the majestic El Centro Cultural CajaGRANADA, a space which among other things celebrates solidarity and art forms such as swing.


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