So if you have a partner….

1. Work more apart than together

Try this every time the lead wants to try something new. Wait what! Yes I said it. Limit the time you “began” a “new idea” together.

Fundamentally leaders – “set things up,”  and follows echo what happens until the energy runs out, or something changes.”

The truth is if you are a leader, sometimes you may not know where you want to go, and followers depend on leaders knowing exactly where to lead them.

In essence, you both are one body – sharing energy at different points. 2 equally important roles that make this dance have creative harmony.

This technique is an argument eliminator, and will help make you more patient when working with the opposite role on the dance floor.

We do this a lot in our classes.





2. Practice the shapes without music.

On occasion, leaders borrow the follower and let them know you’re not looking for a perfect response from them, but that you’re trying to “visualize” the shape your working on without the nagging urge to get the “move” perfect with the music.

You don’t have to feel the result from the follower perfectly with music to determine if you have a good idea.

This is relieving for the follower, and eliminates a need to examine how well they are responding. This relational technique will explode your creative senses.




To sum it up.

There are some powerful things that happen when you understand your role as a leader and follower.

Every problem that will occur on every level of your dancing journey will boil down to knowing the information that will allow you “to fix yourself without a teacher.”

That idea isn’t profitable, and not every teacher may want to share those secrets with you in the classroom, but I want you get good!

You can do it!



P.S. In the next email, I’ll share with you the information that will help you be able to fix yourself throughout your journey toward swing dancing mastery without always needing a teacher – if you want to.