And here, we, go..

Ok Followers do you want to know what you can practice in 15 minutes a day without a partner?

1. Practice how you want to look (Style)

Life is what we have style is how you live it. This is the same in swing dance. You don’t need a leader to determine how you look as you are being led. 

You can adjust how you look individually, and then practice how you feel later with a partner.


2. Work on the fundamental tools

Like the leaders, you too can fine tune your basic tools for moving across the floor.As much as rock steps and triple steps seem elementary, when they are poorly, the entire thing you and the leader are creating will come crumbling down from the foundation.


In school, if you copied from one person they call it plagiarism. In college if you copy many people and cite them correctly they call it research.

If you want to rock the Frida swivels, do it. If you want to copy Laura Glaess’s silky stretchiness do it and make it your own.

Use inspiration from dancers to help you become yourself over time. Over time as you gain more confidence in your own skin, you will start to create your own way of looking while being led.

Here is a challenge: Practice rock steps and triple steps to 2 songs a day. In addition, Youtube your favorite follower and copy how they move their “free” arm, and also their way of swiveling.

You can do it!


P.S. The next email will show you how to be more productive when you are practicing with a partner!