Ok Leaders….

Small things add up over time.  By the time you see the results, it indicates that you’ve done many things that seemed to be unimportant, and non praise worthy.  Here is the first tip that most people will overlook that I committed to from the beginning…..

1. Practice your fundamentals

For example:  Practicing triple stepping to your favorite mid tempo song the correct way to 3 songs a day doesn’t seem like a big deal.  In fact, the next day you won’t feel any different.

It didn’t destroy your existing dance vocabulary if you neglected to do it, nor did it make you an instant Lindy Hop Master.  At least not right then. That is the secret.

By the time you’ve obtained the results you wanted, you’ve already done the work, when most people would want to equate your progressive discipline as “talent.”

Most would rather cram all their efforts into one dance weekend then relax when they return home, practice on occasion, and then wait for the next big event.  Practicing your fundamentals over a period of time is what you want to aim for.

The key is to make them easy to do, and easy not to do.  This will make it easy for you to not make an excuse about the lack of time or difficulty level in your commitment.

2. Practice moves you like by yourself
That’s right.
Pick a lead that executes many shapes you like, pick 2 shapes, and mimic the leads positions. The catch is to practice without a partner.
By the time you get to the next event and execute the shapes with a real partner, you’ve eliminated the anxiety that comes with not knowing “where you want to go.”

Now all you have to do is polish the way it should feel when you return to social dancing with a partner.
Here is a challenge: Record yourself practicing rock steps and triple steps by yourself to 2 songs a day. Find a video you like in my lindy hop moves archive and imitate the shape without a partner, and see if you can match what I’m doing.


You can do it!
P.S. The next session will highlight what followers can do without a leader on a daily basis.