I have no other way of saying this than just saying it.

Within the next few weeks I’m going to transition my school from the Word Press JaminJackson.com to a Youtube channel.

It’s been extremely stressful the last few weeks constantly having to manage technical issues just to keep my site running. I can’t create under this kind of stress.

Thank you to all the students who have financially supported the school, helping me invest my time into creating the best content.

As of right, I can’t even access my content to update new class material on the website, but I’m happy to have thoroughly backed up everything on a hard drive.

All paid memberships for class content, and dance inspiration will be discontinued today. I will immediately begin uploading the content this week and I would appreciate if you would share the videos.

The JaminJackson.com | StreetSmartSwing.com website will be set up to cross-reference the YouTube channel content and provide additional coaching and merchandise.

For¬†those of you who want to continue supporting the school monthly, I’ll have a pay pal option available on the channel.

If you want to support by subscribing and sharing the channel please do so as you feel inspired. I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgHgXOUcYdr3zf2dRarws0w