Meshri, Lebanon

“Jamin, you spread the passion and love of lindy beyond borders. I appreciate that you generously make your lindy experience available. Now people around the globe have access to sources even if they can’t afford classes like myself:) Keep swinging for the world!”

Reuben, Spain

“Above all, he gave new concepts that apply in any of the figures of the Lindy Hop. Great teacher, this guy is super nice and close.”

Nathan, NYC

“Above all, he gave new concepts that apply in any of the figures of the Lindy Hop. Great teacher, this guy is super nice and close.””I like what you do because it’s often more original than what other dancers are putting out there. But it’s difficult for me to put into words. The main thing is, you don’t do the same SHAPES that everyone else does. I’m so sick of the same shapes and rhythms everywhere. You also are brilliant with contrasts in the pace of movement–sudden speed, sudden patience.”

Dan, Dallas

“The greatest thing about the way he teaches is that it is designed for you to look through the move and into the technique, so that it produces ideas for dancing. He politely dares you to see yourself as a creator!

Vivian, Seoul S. Korea

“I danced with you one time at the Happy bar in Seoul Korea. I was losing my interest in Lindy hop before I asked for a dance with you. But my dancing with you gave me a fresh breath of what really matters in the end in dancing Lindy hop. Thanks a million again 🙂 – from a two-month old Lindy hopper in Seoul.”

Samuel, New Zealand

“Happiness, growing, friendship, respect……They say the amazon is the lungs of the world, well, if that is so, Lindy Hop is the joy of the world, and you’re the perfect example. Thank you for sharing your life with the world!

Matias, Argentina

“Thank you for being there every single time I reached out for your advice, and personally, for inspiring me in my dancing and creativity. I’m still miles from where I would like to be, but I’m slowly working to get there a bit everyday!

Dorina, Italy

“So glad I finally met you in person! Jamin really does what he writes and talks about in his newsletter and videos. He sets an example for those who wish to teach swing dance and nurture a healthy dancing community, hope many will follow! With or without that Superman tee, Jamin: you are my swing dance hero!!!”

Anthony, California

“Dude your s*%8 is awesome! I have been teaching for three nights a week for 5 years and your simple teaching perspective gave me new gasoline. I was getting stagnant. Grateful for you sharing your inspiration, keep it up!”

Mikael, Dresden Germany

“Since I’ve been watching your videos I’m utterly addicted! You are a great teacher, and a source of knowledge and inspiration for lindy hoppers around the world. Thank you for making your resources available!