Okay it worked. I knew you would click this article to see if you were that sad person wondering why their swing dancing skills feel subpar. Well I have good news for you and terrible news. Let’s start with the terrible news.  If you think you can’t succeed, you won’t. That wasn’t that bad was it?


There are things that I know, and things that I know that I know. Below are some of those things that I know that I know. Are you ready for the good news? In order for you to master new lindy hop moves, leading, following or any other Lindy Hop discipline you will have to be aware of these tools below.




1. Positive mindset. Did you hear that? Stop beating yourself up about messing up. In order for you to learn anything there is a certain mindset and attitude you must have about where you are and where you want to go.

Most people point out the obvious to their own detriment. They will say things like this: “everyone else has so much more experience than me, I keep messing up, I’ve never been really good at choreography.” So on and so on.


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Though those things may be true, the wording of how they are phrased, and the overall negative implications imposed on your actions will limit your capacity to learn from your mistakes.