Despite several claims to the contrary, SEO link building is far from dead, and savvy internet marketers and webmasters around the globe are finding out that white-hat link building strategies have finally become the powerhouse SERP magnets we’ve always hoped they’d be.

Some of the most common link building strategies that have worked for decades “are” definitely dead post-penguin, but if you climb out of the now outdated perspective and look at this with the innocence you may have held when you first got into this business, you’ll quickly discover that SEO and link building to rank in the SERPs (search engine results page) has become easier to accomplish than ever before.

This is a time for passionate Network Marketers, Bloggers & Internet Marketers alike to rejoice at Google’s updated search algorithm filter. It means an end to inefficient fluff & filler content creation. It means an end to “slumming up” the internet to get your sites noticed by the big search engines.


In this new era, “quality” trumps “quantity” at every turn. And the sooner you embrace this new reality, the sooner you’ll see just exactly how powerful Google has made SEO link building for “the little guys”.

Gone are the days when you spent more time creating content for blog networks and article directories than you spent creating great content for your own sites. Also gone are the hours per day spent spamming comment boxes and profile pages.

Search Engine Optimization has turned a big corner, and the benefit to small publishers is nothing short of enormous. In today’s SEO world, all you have to do is learn great keyword research strategies, master content creation and copywriting basics, and then just do the one thing that Life and Marketing have had in common since the beginning.

Link Building Secrets – Be Generous

What is that commonality? Well, in a nutshell, it’s the fine art of “Being Generous”. That’s right; the secret skill in life and marketing (that determines success more often than not) is “helping yourself by getting really (really) good at helping others”.

The way to get noticed in this industry is to notice (and promote) a lot of other people (i.e., other sites and blogs in your specific niche). The big guys in Internet Marketing have alerts and analytics set up to notify them when a new page (from an external source) links out to them. Your “job” as an Internet Marketer is to be that “external source”. Every time you publish a new post, link out to at least one post on another quality blogger-marketer’s site such as this one here by Rebecca Brightly.

It’s that easy…and the best news is that doing it this way ensures that the vast majority of your content creation (and content “curation”) will be published on your own web properties instead of on some fly-by-night blog network or article marketing repository.

Not every blogger-marketer that you link out to will reciprocate with links back to your site, but a large percentage of them will (especially if the content you’re linking out “from” on your own site is something they won’t be embarrassed to promote). Remember; quality trumps quantity in this new SEO link building era, so you don’t need “all” of them to reciprocate.

If you make this a common practice while composing your blog posts, eventually you’ll have been “generous” to lots and lots of other people…and percentage-wise, more and more of them will feel compelled to start being “generous” to you in return. Link building will become fun and easier and when combined with other strategies it will reap dividends for your business. If you want to learn other strategies for blog promotion then check out my post on How To Promote Your Blog.

Get out there and be generous, it’ll have dramatic affects on your SEO and SERP rankings, and you have to admit that it’s a lot easier to do (and more ethical) than the old-school (pre-penguin) way of trying to manipulate search results with mass-produced spam.