Who is Your Target Audience

Key Points –

It’s not everyone.

This is important as you work through your list, and also as you get out on social media, into groups, forums and begin interacting with people.


Your Products

And, even if your products will only work for a specific group, don’t forget your list of potential referral partners.

Start with your product line, and this is where it is important to KNOW your products. What’s your Direct Sales Company’s Flagship product? What are some other products?

Who would be right for your products?

Develop a paragraph around this concept –

You know how people (insert challenge here)? I market a product that helps people (insert solution here.) Do you know anyone who might be interested in a product like that?

Now, you aren’t selling, you are problem solving. Big difference.

Once you’ve developed that paragraph, go through your list and pick out who fits that MOST appropriately. And, then also think of your referral partners.


So, again, ask yourself –

Who is my target audience?

What is my target audience’s demographics? (age, gender, background, income level, etc.)

What are their dreams, goals and desires?

What are the challenges, fears and concerns they face?

Why did I choose this audience?

Why did I choose my company and products? (Get VERY specific)

What experiences, skills and/or personal attributes do I have that will connect with this audience?

What solutions do I provide?

Based on my answers and my target audience, how will I differentiate myself from my competition?
Where does my audience “hang out” online?



1. Develop your paragraph for your product and opportunity.

2. Get very clear on the solution you provide. This gives you confidence.

3. Begin to develop what you will say with each different person.

You can do it!