“Money is not everything, but it is when you don’t have any.” Darnell Self

There are times when it is extremely imperative to reflect where we are in our journey. We should have healthy conversation with ourselves and speak honestly with our conscience.

This helps us come face to face with what’s really happening.  Sometimes this reality is muted out by the noise of our lives repetition.

This noise can be related to the pursuit of money. We know it is necessary for our survival in today’s culture to make money- and plenty of it. This obsession with making money message has been consistently forced through our family, friends, movies and entertainment and modern culture itself.

One big overlooked problem with the focus on making money message is that we get so clogged in the pursuit that we forget “why” we need money.

What we don’t realize is that losing sight of reality cannot lead to success. The motivation for money-making has to come from a strong reason for us to succeed. It is the reasons for making money that will come to your rescue when your motivation levels are low.

What is your motive behind making money?

Have you taken time to Find Your Why?

Many of us have never thought about it and I have to confess, I didn’t, not for a long time. But motive clearly defined and articulated through consistent efforts brings about the most favorable results. FIND YOUR WHY, BEFORE YOU TRY

There can be so many different reasons that bring us to the option of the internet in the hope of generating wealth. I’ve spoken to many artists in business about this and responses vary depending on a variety of factors: family, financial situation, career and a host of others.

What do you value in your life the most? I know your first answer would be “family.” We all want that, don’t we? What else? Wealth? Health? Work-life balance? Reputation? Growth? New car?

You may even have planned to leave your existing job to make money online full-time. 


As you sit at your computer working away, maybe you are doing it for your loving parents who gave you unconditional love and everything you wanted in life, or a wife or husband who is willing to help you in every possible way and your little kids who you’re responsible for. You want to make sure you take care of all of them.



You would never want to work for anybody ever again. You don’t want to have a boss breathing down your neck all day long. You want to have time for your family and to do the things you always wanted.

You should be able to take a day off if you feel like it. These are the benefits of working online. It’s possible to send emails to your leads sitting on the golden sands of a beach in some exotic location far away from home.


Naturally, we are designed to control our circumstances and throughout life this urge takes on different shapes. Some of you may be happy with your career, but may not be earning the income that provides the freedom for you need to enjoy your passion.

Others of you may be satisfied with your income, but lack the time to enjoy your life.  For this reason you may have shifted to the internet because you want both time and income freedom and you know it’s possible but need the guidance.


You may be one of those people who want to make a difference to others. You have a goal of one day being able to donate money to the needy or a charity. But that can only happen when you make lots of money, which is why you’ve come online.

It can be any of the above. More money means more power. You can have whatever you want in life. The house you always wanted? It’s yours. The car you dream of? Take the keys.

The personal time you wanted with your family. You have that too. Your entrepreneurial efforts have paid off and you are taking advantage of multiple streams of income.

As good as all that might sound, that can only be yours after you’ve put in the required time and effort. Find your why because this is your great strength in difficult times.


“I think the key indicator for wealth is not good grades, work ethic, or IQ. I believe it’s relationships. Ask yourself two questions: How many people do I know, and how much ransom money could I get for each one?” ~ Jarod Kintz

Every artist knows they want to be successful artistically and financially. They want to make money and if they look deep into their psyche, they can even figure out their reasons and find their why.

The problem starts only when people get into business and start behaving like treasure hunters, using metal detectors and waiting for those beeps of riches.

Honestly, its not their fault. Many people show their success in terms of the money they have amassed and it makes people believe that this will happen to them too very easily, if only they click and buy the product them, course, or join their company.

That’s not how it works. It takes single-minded focus and the willingness to put in some hard work initially. It takes an individual that takes risks and goes ahead with full conviction.

There are several opportunities to start a business as an artist. There are artist like me who are successfully using the internet and have created a steady income stream for themselves.

There are artist who have achieved great success through affiliate marketing, product creation and offering services.

See what works for you and attack the bull by the horn.

Don’t Hunt.

People may say that money doesn’t give happiness. As long as a person is not obsessed by money, money is important. But seeking free money will only lead to failure.

There’s a lot of information online to help you in the right direction. Learn how to market without directly marketing to people.

Learn how building relationships with people can lead you to success. Find the genuine opportunities of making money.

So, now you know why you need to find your why, let’s examine the exact skills that you need to develop in order to create massive success.

Discover Your Motives To Find Your Why

Find Your why and you will discover the power that will drive you to success. Uncover it even if its currently hidden, welcome it and embrace it.

Your turn to share! Do you now know how to find your why? Are the reasons similar to those listed here or are they different?

You can do it!

In the next session you will learn how mindset can be emulated, developed and applied to maximize your true potential in life.

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