Wichita April Fools Workshop

Wichitawesome!! That’s the new word of the week.  Passionate leaders, coachable beginners, and Midwest down to earth vibes make up a pleasant experience for any student or teacher ready to visit the Sunflower city.


As a teacher, one of my biggest strives is to empower my students to learn faster and more efficiently than I did.  There are a few dynamics that make this possible.  First, a scene must have passionate leadership in spite of whatever circumstances life throws at their scenes.  This is a definite bonus for the Wichita scene.  The leadership sets a tone for how students learn.  Fortunately for me, the dancers in this community made it very easy and fun for me to help them learn.  Changing is never easy, but they made it easy for me to teach them how to grow.


Being a traveling teacher yields one to many predictable scenarios.  One of those being checking in at a hotel or stay with a host at their home.  I prefer the latter.  It’s so much more fun to be with people, and staying in a hotel by myself isolates me from getting to know more of my lindy hop family in a casual setting.
This was an A+ for me.  I had my choice of bed or futon.  Both are great, but I normally prefer the floor for some odd reason.  This time however I slept on the futon like a log.


I had the luxury of staying with one of the organizers of the event, who cooked an amazing pasta dish with vegetables.  I also had the opportunity to visit one of the few the Cinnamon’s cafe in the Wichita area.   Enjoyed a delicious bread bowl of hot clam chowder.  Being a foodie, I have to admit that I enjoy food almost as much as dancing.


At the dance, I notices there were many people who were not part of the workshop, and I had to dance with them.  I noticed like many other scenes, that there was an abundance of beginner dancers.  I believe I danced with everyone in the room multiple times to one of the local bands. (might I say a 15 piece band). Next time they may have to get a bigger venue based upon the numbers who were present, and the friendly culture which is normally followed by rapid growth.

In conclusion:

Like the Tulsa scene, people must visit towns who have the right ingredients in place for a positive swing culture to explode.  I would recommend personally vary ending Sunflower Swing in July right here in Wichita.  We all can learn a lot from what these leaders are doing right.  I just wish I had the opportunity to stay a little longer to get to know more of the nice people.  Can’t wait to return.

Thanks again to Evan And Family, Megan, and Chelsea for the stellar leadership an organization of this event.

I rate this scene 4.3 out of 5 shoes.