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“Anyone can master swing dancing, and I would love to be your source of inspiration.”

Jamin Jackson


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 At Street Smart Swing we believe in:

• Authentic student empowerment over co-dependancy. 

• Cultivating the unique gift in every dancer.

• Equipping dancers for impactful influence.





World Class Learning Approach

Our curriculum is designed to give you the power to fix yourself. I’ve taught my approach throughout the lindy hop scene globally and offer it free to help you get a taste of the foundation anchoring all the school material. Once you experience our streamlined approach, time and practice will be the only obstacles left in your journey toward swing dance mastery. That I can promise you.

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  Creative Lindy Hop Moves!

If you want to break free from the monotony in your dancing my lindy hop moves archive will give you a jolt of inspiration. Students of all levels will be able to access my creative lindy hop moves made for social dancing. These original moves are for advanced dancers and above who desire to stay up to date with my creative body of work. New lindy hop moves that I create will be shared here at Street Smart Swing and nowhere else on the internet. Don’t miss out on the inspiration. Take a look at the quality below!

The greatest thing about the way he teaches is that it is designed for you to look through the move and into the technique, so that it produces ideas for dancing. He politely dares you to see yourself as a creator. Thank you for everything you have meant to the dance, but most importantly thanks for always being about people.

Dan Moore

Lindy Hopper from Dallas Texas

  Professional Swing Classes!

Class levels will include lindy hop content for beginner swing dancers, intermediate swing dancers and advanced swing dancers. Students will be able to have access to our content  24 hours a day on their desktop or mobile device. The great part is you and your partner have the benefit of gaining knowledge in private from an international instructor without needing the pressure of taking a group class first.

Jamin is one of the most inspirational dancers, teachers and a persons from the swing community I ever met. A person I would like to support, for everything I got and learned from him, …and that’s a lot!!

We met just a few times in last years, but since the very first meeting, he left a big, positive impact on me, which grows up till nowadays and still can surprise me a lot. He’s one of my favorites, a person who’s adventures, trips, blogs and all that stuff he’s doing I am following on my daily basis.

As a teacher he keeps solid foundations and can bring any complex movements to simple things. He’s clear about the leader and follower roles and importance of partnership in a dance. Classes with him were always good paced, challenging and fun. One of his top skills for me was an ability to create a good environment for a learning and cooperating with others, having a warm and friendly atmosphere between all dancers. And his advices concerning practice – are priceless and super effective.

As a social dancer, he’s one of the people that had to be evacuated from the dance floor, otherwise he wouldn’t stop dancing,… like seriously, never seen him tired. A hardcore dancer who were always treating and complimenting his partners nicely and danced with e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. I hardly remember him complaining about music/floor/anything which would make him not dancing with beginners out there. Also, I love his creativity and spontaneity, humorous way of dancing and use of all possible skills for his playfulness. Just look up for the videos on the youtube.

As a person, he’s a great role model, a kind warm-hearted energetic guy, who always seems positive and can motivate people in an instant. Strongly focused on helping small scenes around the world with growing up. He was always there for volunteers and he was putting a lot of effort to help beginners feel more comfortable on the dance floor. And that’s another reason why I feel him being special, great person.

If you missed a chance to have a class with him (as he’s stopped traveling for now), and you will be interested in his way and methods of teaching/practicing/building scene, then it may be the best choice. – or if you have no time to travel around the events but you have the possibility to practice at your home base, online course may be a great revelation for you as well. I am recommending to try out his school.

Bartosz Pryzbylski

Lindy Hopper from Poland

 Teacher Classes!

Over the years I’ve taught thousands of dancers in foreign countries, with limited translation capabilities, while still achieving the same consistent results. You might be asking yourself how it is even possible to teach effectively without speaking someones native language? In these courses we share my professional experience with students to help them become better teachers without having to change their unique personalities. Amateur or professional these courses ignite confidence in you as a teacher to empower others more effectively.

Of the countless dancers, choreographers and choreo instructors I’ve worked with over 2 decades, one single person occupies the “best” slot in all three categories, Jamin Jackson. His penchant for detailed performance coupled with an uncanny ability to explain and teach intricate ideas sets him apart from the masses. His style at this point in his career is to taste a well-seasoned serving of gourmet art in motion, sprinkled through with trace flavors of Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire and Frankie Manning, blended into an exciting new kind of artistic sustenance which results in the lingering taste of past, present and future.

Tim Long

Harold Arlen Award winner, LoJoWerkz Productions

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